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It's a shame to not be able to get nearer to observe those peacocks, but walking on the flowerbeds in this garden is prohibited.

We are all equal.

The group withdrew their support for the Government.

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Do you have a shovel I can borrow?

Spelling mistakes really annoy me.

There were animals in the farm.

She's just a friend.

I use a blow dryer to dry my hair.

I guess I owe you an apology.

I thought it was forbidden.

Shane is not easily satisfied.

That's pretty lame.


Mariou didn't give anything away.

In winter, the days become shorter and it gets darker earlier.

Did he study English yesterday?

They were very grateful.

I went to elementary school in Nagoya.


I know what it means.

There you are, I knew it!

I know I can do that.


Terri and Donna are eating lunch.

The company suffered a 15% drop in sales.

I had lunch with them today.

You're safer here.

Please don't use Facebook during business hours.

We weren't amused.

This investment is the opportunity of a lifetime.

I love your German accent.

A drop of blood.

If you had not helped me, I would have failed.

Who designed these uniforms?

She has great respect for her homeroom teacher.

I'm sorry, it won't happen again.


Evan was at a loss as to what to do next.

Do you have Turkeer's picture?

I come from a long line of doctors.

I have to tighten these bolts.

It was a bad idea to wait so long.

What's the plan, Mitchell?

Did you make a wish?

His thoughts are extremely academic.

I certainly will miss it.

I prefer weak coffee.

She took pains to educate her children.


What can we learn from a dog? Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joy ride.


One day, Elisa left for Madrid.


Barrett, you're a terribly superficial woman! I thought you loved me because of my personality, not because of my appearance or my possessions.

"What were you like in high school?" "I was quiet but really good at chemistry."

She lied about taking the money.

Vishal helped Presley escape from the kidnappers.

I never even met her.

She blushed when he praised her.

In Hong Kong there are two types of liquid food which are considered absolutely vital: Cantonese soup and congee. It is curious to note that however "thick and ingredient-filled" the soup is, it's always drunk and however "thin" the congee is, it's always eaten.

He likes sports as well as music.

A man without his language has lost his land.

Why can't he play tennis today?

It has to do with a very important subject.

Is that what you told him?

To leave is to die a little, but to die is to leave very much.


Angela Merkel was named TIME's Person of the Year for 2015.


Please, tell me.

Gunnar is working away.

I'm younger than him.

I've always liked horror movies.

Let me know where you're staying, OK?


He was tired but worked.


Be lenient!

I could have stayed a while longer, but I was getting tired, so I decided to leave.

Let's get a drink.

His driving privileges were revoked.

Elwood is a decent guy.

Chet won't speak to me and I don't know why.

I'd like to cancel tomorrow's meeting.

Can we give this a try?

Emmett refused to conceal the truth.


Suppressing one's anger is a virtue.

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I'm anxious for him to return safe.

That's all I need to know.

I'm looking for a place to eat.

How long are you going to be in town?

The greatest hate springs from the greatest love.

This call maybe monitored or recorded for quality assurance or training purpose. How may I help you?

Lucy met Dominick.


Of course, you may.


Shane had nothing to do with Shuvra's death.

When was the last time you heard from Antonella?

It was love at first sight.

It was so cold that he was shivering.

What am I doing with my life?

You've lost too much blood.

What does that mean for her?

Donn knew exactly what Dirk meant.

There are a lot of things I have to do before tomorrow.


Pratt will be here soon enough.

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Her father can afford to give her a big allowance every month.

Last week I gained back five pounds.

I want to plant a vegetable garden.


Have you reconsidered the plan?

Diana wanted to know why Ragnar was not happy.

I can't explain what I don't understand.

Did you tell Moore where you and Russell first met?

"I have to see him." "Why?"


You have chosen the best.

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You've already convinced me.

I'd like to try it on.

Sorry to disturb you.

Here's a list of what we need to find.

I persuaded him into accepting the offer.

Where did you say you got this?

I could swim well even when I was a child.


There is no sugar in the bowl.

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I'm just about done.


Why did you decide to affiliate yourself with Company A?

His book deals with traffic accidents.

We still have to solve the underlying problem.

Here's a list of what we need to find.

I'm still waiting for Kris.

I wish I had been there with you.

She's a surfer.

Not knowing what to say, she just smiled.

Didn't you hear what Hubert said?

Let this little book be thy friend, if, owing to fortune or through thine own fault, thou canst not find a dearer companion.

Unfortunately I was not in time for his speech.


We'd better wait.

Look out! There's a hole in the road.

She passed one test, but failed the other.

Can you tell him to call back?

I couldn't convince Sherri lend me the money I needed.

He was talking nonsense.

Mehrdad's attitude infuriates me.


Did I mess up again?

Rafik doesn't have to do anything he doesn't want to do.

He has gone to Osaka on urgent business.

Show me a better one.

I wish I hadn't given Martyn my grandfather's violin.

Even though he was poor, he was happy.

There's more than one kind of Swiss cheese.

Water is indispensable to life.

The costs are too high.

The Greeks used to worship several gods.

He is quite an odd man.

Why doesn't he give me presents anymore?

Kids are cruel.


I need help carving these pumpkins. If everything is not ready, the kids will notice it.

I'm not sure whether I really want that.

Give me something cold to drink.

Two male school pupils sharing an umbrella? That's quite a queer situation.

Sebastian's grandmother is the first woman to hold a position of a judge in Navara.

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Saify looks worried now.

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Elisabeth's answer was very evasive.

Do you have a table for five?

Kenneth and Cecilia are blood relatives.


But it's wonderful!

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Refrain from showering or bathing today.

When did you meet?

I like math least of all.


I can handle her.

Kuldip doesn't use salt in her cooking.

There's nowhere to go.


We enjoyed watching the baseball game.


He always wants to have the last word.

She kept him waiting half an hour.

Even though Vincent used to be my best friend, I'm beginning to hate him.


Stop hanging out with losers!